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Life Sciences
The current database technology is proving increasingly insufficient to solve the challenges faced by the Life Sciences industry, as it needs to cope with rich data in a highly regulated environment, in fields as varied as molecular biology, exploratory study, toxicology, and pre-clinical and clinical safety of compounds. A successful track record in highly regulated industrial environments combined with Object, SQL and XML support makes Matisse the cornerstone for building a leading edge Life Science information management platform.

For more information about how Matisse is being used for the management of pre-clinical and clinical studies, read more about Keops.

"In a highly regulated environment, Keops - built on top of Matisse - is an unequaled platform to leverage our unique toxicology expertise in Ophthalmology."

Dr Yann Tessier
Director Comparative Medicine

Network Management
Because of its excellent performance and scalability, small footprint, and zero administration, the Matisse DBMS is ideally suited for object-oriented network applications including: IP networks, wireless and telecommunications. Matisse's native SQL support also benefits those network applications that started with relational databases and are now being migrated to a more optimal object environment.

For more information about how Matisse is being used in network management applications, read the Threshold Success Story.
"With its native SQL support and carrier-class reliability, Matisse is enabling us to get to market faster with a solution with which our customers will be comfortable."

Dave Hecht
Software Development Manager
Threshold Networks

Process Control
For over a decade Matisse has been successfully deployed in numerous process control applications, including nuclear regulatory compliance and pharmaceutical process control, to address critical issues relating to on-line process and instruction control. Matisse's small footprint, zero administration, and 24x365 reliability makes it the optimal DBMS for these mission-critical applications.

For more information about how Matisse is being used in process control applications, read the Cogema Case Study or the Nuclear Industry Overview.

Web Services
Web services provide an architecture that make new or existing data and applications interoperate on the Internet. Matisse's object, SQL, and XML support is ideally suited for web services developers who need high performance on complex data with the lowest development costs.

For more information about how Matisse is being used in web services applications, read the UCSF Success Story.
"It's clear that Matisse's engineers did their homework, because there's nothing missing from Matisse. It's a database any object developer would want to use."

Norm Jeffries
Senior Software Engineer
University of California at San Francisco

Effective CRM solutions need to acquire content from diverse sources (e-mail, call center, ticket and more) and then use content analytics processing to analyze the unstructured text, perform trend analysis and variance notification. Matisse's excellent performance, scalability, and text analytics are the capabilities that allow Matisse to produce a single customer voice out of many different sources.

Financial Services
Predictable and maintainable service levels, excellent scalability, and 24x365 reliability. These are capabilities that financial applications require to maintain the trust of their users, and these are the very same capabilities that form the foundation of Matisse. Matisse's native object support benefits a new generation of complex financial applications that have outgrown their relational databases.

For more information about how Matisse is being used in financial services applications, please read the Standard Transactions Success Story.
“Matisse layers XML web services on top of an already feature-rich object management system. On several levels, the Matisse platform streamlines our development process."

Loryn Jenkins
Standard Transactions

The Matisse DBMS provides a complete solution to easily deploy active Web applications. Matisse's zero administration and support of numerous object-oriented programming languages and industry standards (Java, JavaScript, JavaBeans, JDBC, XML, SQL, PHP, PERL) enables e-business applications to be deployed faster and with a lower total-cost-of-ownership.

For more information about how Matisse is being used in e-business applications, read the Virtual CD Store Case Study.