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Language Binding Reference
Matisse C++ Language Binding
The Matisse C++ Language Binding provides an efficient way to quickly deploy new enterprise class applications using object technologies. It is also a simple and cost effective tool for adding persistence to existing C++ applications.

Applications using the Matisse C++ Language Binding can manipulate persistent objects in native C++ language, which enables developers to use any C++ compilers, any development environments, and the most popular C++ libraries.

The Matisse C++ Language Binding is thread-safe and supports the development of scaleable applications using the multi-threading capabilities of the native operating system.

The multimedia capabilities of the Matisse C++ Language Binding allow developers to create innovative applications manipulating media assets such as animation, sound tracks, or video.

During the life cycle of an application, new features are added that change some of the C++ class definitions. With the Matisse C++ Language Binding you can update the application schema without any downtime and access existing data seamlessly, without the need for any kind for database administration operation.

Enterprise information systems accessing information from different sources may need to discover the object descriptions on the fly. Matisse provides a C++ Dynamic Object Interface that enables applications to discover an object description and to manipulate its contents.

The Matisse C++ Language Binding allows you to build a CORBA distributed object application without having to know the low-level details of CORBA programming.

With the Matisse C++ Language Binding, you can manipulate any data element that has been created from any other Matisse Interface, like Java or Eiffel, or by using the JDBC or ODBC drivers.