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Matisse Software Ships Matisse In-Memory Database.

Mountain View, CA - September 27, 2010 Matisse Software today announces the immediate availability of Matisse In-Memory database, a memory-optimized database that empowers applications with the instant responsiveness and very high throughput required by real-time industries.

Matisse In-Memory Database was designed from the ground up to leverage large memory size on 64-bit commodity hardware, along with the processing scalability provided by multi-core, multi-processor architectures. By managing all data in memory and using algorithms tailored for that environment, Matisse In-Memory Database can operate much more efficiently, and thus offer dramatic improvements in performance. Matisse In-Memory Database uses disks for persistence and recovery rather than as the primary database storage location and conforms to the atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability properties of data management systems.

“Real-time applications are a necessity to compete in the global marketplace for an increasingly large number of companies across industries;” said Didier Cabannes, President and CEO of Matisse Software. “For many of our clients, the use of real-time processing is becoming the benchmark for corporate excellence. They have voiced their needs and we are proud to launch Matisse In-Memory database, an unequaled data management infrastructure software for building today's performance-critical systems.”

The decreasing cost of memory-rich 64-bit computing platform is driving the in-memory database technology's use in simulation, analytics, in trend and pattern discovery, in caching and other systems that demand instantaneous sorting, retrieval and manipulation of massive databases. Matisse In-Memory database offers breakthrough performance using standard programming interfaces enabling in-house developers to seamlessly leverage the Matisse data management platform to drive increased business success and market opportunities.

Matisse 8.4 supports the popular platforms with Windows, Linux, Java and .NET frameworks, SQL and XML standards, and a broad range of language bindings including Java, C++, C, C#, VB.NET, Python, Perl, PHP and Eiffel. Most language bindings are published as open source software.

Pricing and Availability
Matisse 8.4 is immediately available. Pricing starts at $4,995 for Matisse In-Memory Database Standard Edition. A free developer version can be downloaded from

About Matisse Software
Matisse Software, Inc. delivers database software and services to companies that need to rapidly, and cost effectively, develop and deploy scalable applications and services. Matisse, the company's flagship product, is the first ever SQL-Object programmable data server on the market. Matisse has enabled developers across the world to implement applications and services that require high performance on complex data that goes beyond the modeling capabilities of legacy relational databases. The Matisse database has been powering mission critical systems including nuclear power plants and pharmaceutical plants for over a decade. Matisse Software Inc. is a privately held company. For more information visit


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