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March 01, 2002   SDTimes
A Silly Marketing Push
by Lisa Morgan

Loryn Jenkins is CTO of Standard Transactions (BVI) Ltd., a payment service provider based in the British Virgin Islands, which uses XML documents to communicate with its customers. ...more

January 01, 2002  Software Development
OO Impressionism
By Rick Wayne

Although the phrase "mission-critical" suffers badly from overuse, I can't fault Matisse for applying it to Matisse; the database cut its teeth in Europe's nuclear industry and grew up in the industrial-control world over the past decade. Its critical design goals were (surprise!) reliability, low administrative overhead and direct support for the two seemingly contradictory worlds of ANSI SQL and object models. Matisse was founded in 1998 to turn Matisse into a commercial product in the U.S ...more

November 01, 2001  Matisse: Mapping Is No Object
Database claims to combine both object and SQL worlds
By David Rubinstein

For object-oriented language developers frustrated with mapping objects to relational database structures, Matisse Information Corp. was expected late last month to make generally available in the U.S. its Matisse 5.0 object/SQL hybrid database. ...more

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